How much does @GuiliannaRancic weigh (2015 #GoldenGlobes)?


How much does Guilianna Rancic weigh (2015 Golden Globes)?


Giuliana Rancic caught some rather harsh criticism following the 2015 Golden Globe Awards Sunday. No, the E! News correspondent wasn’t bashed for trying to push a shot of tequila on George and Amal Clooney or for her choice of red carpet attire. Instead, the journalist was called out for her slender frame.

“#giulianarancic needs to eat a fully loaded baked potato on the fly. #GoldenGlobes,” one Twitter user stated, while another described the TV personality as “skin and bones” who got “sprayed one to many times with the spray tanner.”

Rancic’s toned arms, shoulders, chest and back were put on full display as the E! News co-host strutted down the red carpet in her Maria Lucia Hohan mermaid gown, which featured a sweetheart neckline and was accessorized with Forevermark diamonds.

This isn’t the first time Rancic has been called out for her tiny figure. Last week during the 2015 People’s Choice Awards, critics slammed her and shamed her body for being too thin. The E! News host’s “bony back” seemed to be the topic of Twitter as Rancic donned a quaint, soft mint Tony Ward Couture frock with a deep-scoop back.

So, how has Rancic responded to criticism regarding her teeny physique? Well, in 2013 the journalist had a few words for all those who bullied her online. “I know the truth,” she said during an interviewwith HuffPost Live. “I know that I eat a lot and I take walks and I have a faster metabolism.”

Rancic then noted during the interview that she typically doesn’t react to the critics who spam her Twitter account with nutrition suggestions. “I don’t respond, but so many people get really upset and they’re like, ‘Oh really? Eat a sandwich? What a great comment.’ Or people say, ‘She’s been through cancer.’ Really? That’s what you’re going to put out?” she dished to HuffPost Live.

Rancic, who battled breast cancer in 2011, revealed that prior to being diagnosed, she was “actually pretty diligent” about her diet. “I tried to eat very healthy foods and whole grains and tried to exercise every day,” she said. But since the TV personality beat the disease, she has had a very different outlook on fitness. “Life is to be enjoyed, not to be spent in the gym every day and not to be counting your calories.” she stated.


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