What is the most weight a woman in America has lost?


What is the most weight a woman in America has lost?


Mayra Rosales lost 800lbs. She consumed 800 calories per day.

Rosales made news in 2008 when she confessed to rolling over and killing her infant nephew. However, this woman was not guilty of the crime. Police investigated the young boy’s death, and they discovered that Rosales could not have killed the boy. According a previous Inquisitr report, Mayra did not have the range of mobility needed to roll over onto the infant.

It was discovered that the boy suffered from severe head injuries, and those caused his death. Rosales later admitted that she lied to the police to protect her sister. Jamie, her sister, was charged, and she was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

It was her nephew’s death and the trial that followed that forced Mayra to change her life. She knew if she wanted to raise her sister’s remaining children, she would need to get out of bed and lose weight.

In 2008, Mayra weighed more than 1,000 pounds. She was even called the “half-ton killer.” Today, she weighs about 20 percent of that, and she is not done losing the weight. Rosales is about 30 pounds away from her goal weight, according to Q13 Fox. That means Mayra Rosales wants to weigh a total of 170 pounds.

Source: http://www.inquisitr.com/1887935/mayra-rosales-loses-800-pounds/

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