What are @ProducePete4NY’s credentials? @NBCNewYork


What are “Produce Pete’s credentials?


Pete is 66 years old and has been in the produce business since the age of 4 and peddled door-to-door and met many interesting people. He has worked with customers all his life and enjoys people. Over the past 55 years he has developed and exchanged recipes with thousands of interesting people. In addition to the stock recipes he has well over 100 unique and exciting personal recipes and receives on the average of 500 to 1,000 requests per week for his selected recipes.


He managed and operated a family owned farm/produce business for retail, wholesale, and fruit baskets. Pete has been in the produce business his whole life, and started out selling produce off the back of a truck at auctions and at his parents’ roadside stand.

Pete’s family has been in business since 1953 at the same location in Bergenfield, New Jersey. From 1971 – 1997 Pete owned and operated this family “seasonal” business that includes at Christmas – Christmas trees, wreaths, and fruit baskets. During Easter we sell various plants, gourmet baskets and fruit baskets – Mother’s Day – plants, fresh cut flowers, fruit baskets. At Halloween – pumpkins, corn stalks, etc. The produce store is open between April and December with retail, wholesale, and fruit baskets.

  • In April 1989, with the Chilean grape scare, he was hired by “People Are Talking” WORTV Channel 9, super station – nationwide – 150 markets – 24 million viewers and became “Pete Your Produce Pal” on daily five days a week.
  • In December 1990 hired by NBC for “House Party” as “Pete the Prince of Produce”. Group W
  • In September 1991 hired by WORTV Channel 9 for “Nine Broadcast Plaza” as “Pete Your Produce Pal”.
  • In September 1992 hired by WNBC Channel 4 “Weekend Today in New York” show with 52 week contract as “Produce Pete” / “Pete Your Produce Pal”. (Been there ever since)
  • In 1994 he wrote a book about produce tips called “Produce Pete’s Farmacopeia” – William Morrow, publisher
  • In September 1995 Discovery Channel – “Home Matters”
  • In January 1997 CNBC – “Steals and Deals”
  • In January 1998 Bionova Produce / Masters Touch Spokesperson
  • In January 2000 NBC – Ainsley Harriot Show (National – Buena Vista)
  • In February 2000 Woman’s Home Network with Joan Lunden
  • In September 2000 hired by WCAU Philadelphia 10 as Produce Pete (Sunday & Wednesday Segments)
  • In February 2001 – Pathmark Supermarkets – Spokesperson
  • Guest on numerous Radio and Television shows.
  • In February 2001 – “Produce Pete’s Farmacopeia” – Republished byiuniverse.com
  • In July 2004 – The View (ABC 7)
  • In February 2005- Bella Vita Spokesperson (In Italy)
  • In July 2006 – NBC Today Show (Nationally)
  • In August 2007 Italian American Network (Produce Pete picks of the week)
  • In December 2007 launched a Produce Pete Salad Dressing Line
  • Appeared at D’Agostino, King’s Culinary Arts Cooking Schools, Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s Cooking Classes.
  • Because of obesity and fast foods in schools Pete has been asked to speak at numerous grammer and high schools about healthy eating and his love for produce.

Source: http://www.producepete.com/bio.html

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